The Process

Experimenting with different mediums to enhance creativity

Multimedia collage

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  • Sustainability

    Instead of going out and purchasing materials at my local art store, I would much rather use what is already available to me. I recycle items and turn them into a canvas for my art instead of throwing them in the garbage where they will accumulate as waste.

  • Growth

    When I think of how I can grow, I sometimes think that I need to establish a preset style that I can advance my skills on in order to show depth. However, my new idealistic growth method is to absorb the influence of the world around me in ways that I didn't think of prior.

  • Specificity

    I look for ideas to make my art distinctive and meaningful. I bide most of my time by putting together most of my ideas in my head before I translate them to my canvas. This way, I want to convey to those who receive my art that it hasn't been made in haste, but instead with careful planning and consideration.